Figure 1The MD, Mr.Kyewalabye Male(extreme left)handing over a certificate of completion for the palm vein system training to one of the staff as the project coordinator(center)Mr.Kizito Bashir looks on.

Buganda Land Board has been participating in the Katikkiro of Buganda, Oweek. Charles Peter Mayiga’s official visits abroad to reach out to Kabaka’s subjects and have them in Buganda Kingdom development plans. The Managing Director, Mr.Kyewalabye Male is again set to travel with the Katikkiro to the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands for 10 days ie from 16th-26th May 2016. The main purpose of BLB’s participation is to reach out to most of the Kabaka’s subjects living in the diaspora and create awareness on land matters including introducing to them the Board’s new developments that contribute to their wellbeing especially in the land sector.

Buganda Land Board, being represented by the Managing Director, is scheduled to make presentations on’ Land protection through modern Electronic Systems’(the Land Electronic Card and Palm Vein System )and other related topics in all areas the delegation is set out to reach. The Board has a wide clientele base in the Diaspora and they have had more land related issues including fraudulent transactions, compared to those clients back home. Cases of impersonation even by the supposed trustees and relatives among others have been on the increase especially for those that find it hard to handle land matters while abroad .This has led to an outcry and need for a lasting solution.

This is modern technology, first of its kind in the Land management sector and one of the steps that the board is soon launching to stop fraudulent activities on people’s bibanja . The Land Electronic Card and palm vein biometric system has been proven to provide maximum security to land ownership and hence prevent land fraudulent transactions. It is a unique identifier of an individual since all human beings have different DNA that can’t easily be manipulated. Unlike the finger prints which can easily be affected by injury, the veins in individual palms can’t change by such effects. The Land Electronic Card, similar to an ATM card ,is fitted with a microchip identifier will compose all the individual’s land related information hence in order to do any transactions, one will have to present the LE-Card. It can be used to store other relevant information including other land besides a kibanja on Kabaka’s land. Having tested and approved its mode of operation, BLB management had some staff trained and equipped with required skills to manage the LE-Card and Palm vein system and introduce it to clients. The Board also hopes to introduce it to other bodies with which it partners in Land Management like the Uganda Land commission and KCCA.

Buganda Land Board official visits to the diaspora have always been characterized by presentations, exhibitions and sensitization clinics. These have been carried out in different areas including Leads, Liverpool, Manchester, Totten harm in the UK, Johannesburg, Cape town, East London in South Africa, Canada, California, Boston, Chicago in the US, and Sweden among others following the subsequent invitations. This exercise has always attracted potential clients including investors and also having a one on one interface with existing clients to handle their land related issues.

The recently concluded massive registration and survey exercises back home also attracted more Clients in the Diaspora. Close to 100 had their bibanja registered and this increased on the clientele base. There has been a consistent outcry from more Kabaka’s subjects to extend the exercise giving various reasons and this has been put under consideration following approval from Buganda Kingdom.

The Board has always had new innovations that are meant to improve service delivery and meet its long time goal of facilitating communities with security of tenure for sustainable livelihood while being a center of excellence in entrepreneurial land management and beyond for prosperity.

Who We Are

Buganda Land Board is a Company that was entrusted to manage Buganda Kingdom land that was returned under the restitution of Assets and properties Act 1993, Cap.247 which included the 350 sq. miles and over 300 sq. miles returned in the agreement signed between the president of Uganda and His majesty the Kabaka of Buganda in August 2013.It has branches and service centers in all the 18 counties of Buganda to offer effective service delivery to all its clients.

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