A Land Survey being carried out by one of the BLB surveyors.

Buganda Land Board being a registered and incorporated Company with a mandate to carry out surveying ,mapping, planning and engineering consultancy services has set out to extend such services to include individuals, private real estate developers ,major construction companies, architects ,engineering design firms, mining companies and valuers among others but not  limited to  Kabaka’s land.

Due to its integrity and capacity, its highly qualified and competent partners and associates, its experience working over 600 square miles of land, the company has steadily grown to a cutting edge solution provider in the built environment and property industry. The board is now striving towards providing professional services to the ever growing market for surveying and mapping services in satisfaction of our clients as first priority. The Board is aiming at becoming a center of excellence in offering land surveying services in Uganda and beyond.



Buganda Land Board external Services include:

  • Boundary opening.

This aims to determine the location of ownership lines, locates exactly where your property boundaries are.

  • Subdivisions on private mailo land, freehold and public land/lease hold among others.

This involves splitting tracts of land into smaller parcels as per the national regulations.

  • Land Documentation and titling.

 This is provision of proper documentation of land, providing security of tenure

  • Topographic Mapping.

This is precise mapping services depicting detailed graphic representation of natural and manmade features on the earth’s surface as well as ground elevation (relief) using contour lines for use in design and implementation of engineering projects.

  • Sectioning and profiling.

 We provide Longitudinal and cross sectional profiles depicting the existing ground slopes and gradients for engineering design purposes.

  • Digital Terrain Models (DTMs).

This provides a 3 dimensional visualization or simulation of the terrain. We also provide simulation models of how construction projects will appear way before completion to allow for appropriate planning.

  • Mining and exploration surveys.

Mapping and boundary opening for mining and exploration licenses is done using real time DGPS and held up GPS units.

  • Architectural plans, urban design and planning.

This is for competitive designs in residential and commercial space and engineering design for such projects as dams, drainages, real estate developments as well as construction supervision and technical advice.

  • Land acquisition Projects.

This involves securing of huge chunks of land for big infrastructural project such as roads and power lines. These projects entail ascertaining details of project affected persons, compensation[D1]  management, surveying and demarcation of the project extent.

  • Consultancy.

This involves land research, information dissemination, land management, seminars, lectures and presentations.


Other services provided include: earthwork and volume surveys, feature and level surveys, gravity flow systems, earthwork computations, geographic Information systems and Land Administration among others.

Buganda Land Board invests in the latest technology to provide accurate data with very tight tolerances for all projects. The total stations and GPS systems support the entire team with the up most accuracy and confidence when locating data in the field. A range of quality software products and database are utilized to locate information and produce quality plans in a range of formats for the clients, hence attention to detail translates into successful projects and satisfied clients.

Our Branches

Who We Are

Buganda Land Board is a Company that was entrusted to manage Buganda Kingdom land that was returned under the restitution of Assets and properties Act 1993, Cap.247 which included the 350 sq. miles and over 300 sq. miles returned in the agreement signed between the president of Uganda and His majesty the Kabaka of Buganda in August 2013.It has branches and service centers in all the 18 counties of Buganda to offer effective service delivery to all its clients.

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