Buganda Land Board gives a brief about its achievements in 2016

BLB's Kyewalabye Male addressing the press in his office at Masengerebuilding,Mengo

Buganda Land Board Managing Director, Mr.Kyewalabye Male has highlighted on the Board’s expectations and emphasis for next year, 2017.These include busuulu collection to be done under the law, improving BLB services’ mode of payment in collaboration with Banks, strengthening and improving service delivery, creation of more platforms to create awareness on land matters, rural massive surveying and titling promotion at subsidized rates and providing low cost affordable housing among others. This is aimed for a sustainable and optimum utilization of land and secured tenancy to achieve financial and economic independence for the Kingdom and its subjects. All this wasrevealed during a press interview held at his office at Masengere building on 15th November 2016.

Commenting on the  Board’s achievements in 2016,Mr.Male noted that there has been a tremendous improvement in service delivery adding that more emphasis was on the  establishment of various Branches in various Buganda counties under BLB’s jurisdiction ,well equipped with all the necessary resources and well trained personnel to get the required services close to all Kabaka’s subjects.

“We are proud to announce that BLBis now a one stop centre, whereby services rendered are extended to other private land owners besides those on Kabaka’s land”. Male said. He added that the Board has invested in new modern survey machines including the RTK which can be used to carry out all land surveys in the shortest possible time hence cutting down the required period for one to get a deed prints,that the company now has a well self-sustained legal chambers where all land related legal matters can be handled, land valuers and auditors among others.

Mr. Kyewalabye said that the company has installed newtechnology, the Palm vein and LE-Card technology in addition to the computerized system to increase on land security for land and bibanja owners with proper land documentation.

He further said that BLB has responded to the need for Kabaka’s subjects for self-development and sustenance for better livelihood by putting in place financial service provider,Buladde Financial services, which is located at Muganzirwazza Complex in Katwe.This he said that this is aimed at improving the livelihood of communities by providing them with affordable and efficient financial services.

Buganda Land Board, through land management strives to sustain its vision of being the hub of entrepreneurial and sustainable land development.

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Buganda Land Board is a Company that was entrusted to manage Buganda Kingdom land that was returned under the restitution of Assets and properties Act 1993, Cap.247 which included the 350 sq. miles and over 300 sq. miles returned in the agreement signed between the president of Uganda and His majesty the Kabaka of Buganda in August 2013.It has branches and service centers in all the 18 counties of Buganda to offer effective service delivery to all its clients.

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