Buganda Land Board has given out land titles to residents of Mityana in a bid to help them secure their tenancy against land grabbers and unlock the capital in their bibanja.

The ceremony which took place at Mityana Ssaza headquarters was graced by Owek. Martin Kasekende, the BLB chairman, Mityana district chairman mr. Mugisha Patrick, RDC John Bosco Lubyayi, Head of Operations at BLB Omuk.Kizito Bashir who represented the CEO of BLB among other digitaries.

Speaking at the ceremony, RDC  John Bosco Lubyayi commended Buganda Land Board for helping people secure their land to avoid evictions brought by lack of security of tenure. He pledged to continue working with the


Omuk. Bashir kizito who represented the CEO called the give away a milestone to the people of Mityana who were given the titles because the titles signify security of tenure, increase value of their bibanja, and enables them to develop their land without any fear. He emphasized that Buganda Land Board is still in operation and legally and asked others to come and get for themselves titles for their advancement.

Owek. Mukwenda thanked Buganda Land Board for fulfilling its pledge to facilitate the people of Mityana in securing their land. He asked those who got the titles to go and tell their peers that indeed, Buganda Land Board delivers and ask other people to go to Buganda Land Board and secure themselves titles and benefit from the fruits of having land titles.

Owek. Martin Kasekende emphasized Buganda Land Board's resolve to enable people living on Kabaka's land to get land titles and also added that the titles given out are issued by government and therefore legitimate. He encouraged more people to get themselves land titles. He asked people not to listen to bad hearted people attacking Buganda Land Board

Mr. Muleme Samuel, one of the beneficiaries thanked Buganda Land Board for helping them secure their land and asked other people of Mityana to equally go to Buganda Land Board and get themselves titles.

Mityana chairman Mugisha Patrick thanked Buganda Land Board for giving people titles and asked people who have been given land titles to develop their land. The chairman also pledged to see that DFI land is returned to Buganda.