Centenary bank joins Ssentema Affordable Housing project.
Centenary bank has joined Housing Finance Bank to partner with Buganda Land Board and Gouji to provide afforadable housing to the people of Uganda.
Like Housing Finance Bank, Centenary bank has signed an MoU with Buganda Land Board and Gouji which will see the development of 400 housing units comprising of 1 to 3 bedrooms on 50 acres, a vocational school on 10 acres, an industrial park on 50 acres as well as restaurants, shopping mall, clinic and other recreational sites, in Sentema located only 13 kms from the Kampala Northern By-Pass.
The construction of these housing units will be done by Gouji company.
While officiating at the MoU signing ceremony, Bugamda Kingdom Katikkiro, Owek.  Charles Peter Mayiga  said that, "we believe that this MOU between BLB, Centenary bank and Gouji will help people overcome the financial stress of building a quality house. BLB will provide one with  a land title which will be taken to the bank to enable one get a  housing mortgage to acquire a house from Guoji."
The Katikkiro of Buganda(4th from Left)with BLB, Centenary Bank and Gouji officials
Speaking at the event which took place at Bulange-Mengo, the CEO of Buganda Land Board, Omuk.Simon Kabogoza reiterated BLB's commitement of enabling the people of Buganda acquire affordable housing by providing land to vetted developers to build quality houses which people can afford.
Omuk.Simon Kabogoza CEO of Buganda Land Board speaking at the function.
Mrs. Beatrice Lugalambi of Centenary bank  pledged that Centenary bank will offer low interest 10 years  mortgage loans to all those who wish to acquire the houses. She said that they have joined the partnership because it is inline with their aspirations as a financial institution to help people live decently.
Wendy Shen,  of Gouji Company applauded the support from Buganda Land Board, and Centenary bank for joining hands in ensuring the construction of Mirembe- Sentema housing estate  with affordable housing units.
She said that the fair price in addition to the the financial support from Housing Finance and Centenary bank  will make it easy for clients afford the houses.
 Ms.Wind Shen of Gouji, Mrs.Beatrice Lugalambi of Centenary Bank and Omuk.Simon Kabogoza of Buganda Land Board exchanging the signed MOU
The houses, built in a well  planned community with schools, health centers, recreation facilities will cost Ugshs. 58millions for a one bedroomed house, 90millions for a 2 bed roomed house and 130millions for a 3 bedroomed house.